Metallurgical Repair Laser Services
A Division of Bruce J Snider, Inc. since 2008

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Metallugical Repair Laser Services

Since 2008, Metallurgial Repair Laser Services - a division of Bruce J Snider Inc., 
has been micro laser-welding for some of Texas finest companies and 
their contractors. From oil & gas tools to medical appliances - our micro 
laser welding provides a broad spectrum of service from assembly to filling 
porosity, hermetic seals and repairing broken components. 

Laser Welding process offers the most flexible and versitile metal joining process in today's manufacturing environment. A laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) delivers a concentrated heat source at a relatively short time duration resulting in narrow, deep welds at a high rate. The process has been adapted by many industries such as medical device manufacturers, automotive, jewelry, plastic injection mold makers, electronics, and dental laboratories...

Laser welding has many advantages over conventional welding processes such as TIG, MIG, or electron beam welding (EBW). Laser welding produces minimum heat-affected zones (HAZ). In addition it can generate high rates of heating and cooling so very thin materials can be processed without deformation or warping. Another advantage is that laser welding beam can be transmitted through ambient air rather than requiring a vacuum or inert gas shielding environment resulting in a very clean and high quality weld. 

Today's laser welding machines are capable of welding both similar and disimilar metals in addition to most industrial alloys and high reflective metals such as copper, silver, gold and less reflective metals such as tool steel, stainless steel, titanium, platinum, and palladium.

Our micro laser welding delivers unsurpassed performance, power, and control. Specially built for continuous duty cycle and deep penetration. No need to V-groove and build ups.  Our flexible machine welds metal alloys such as 300 and 400 series stainless steel, tool steel, tool steel M2, D2, H13, 17-4, P20, gold, platinum, palladium, chromium cobalt, nickle chrome, titanium, Monel, Kovar, Nitinol, and many others.